Saturday, January 20, 2018

Daisies (and snow) All Over The Place

Watercolor - 8x10

Daisies always look so fresh and clean and they always make me smile but we have had a week of VERY cold weather with snow on the ground and ice on the lake. I was scheduled to start teaching my watercolor class at the art center on Tuesday but it was postponed because of the snow and my new oil painting group (more on that later) on Wednesday was also canceled. I know most of you have been experiencing frigid temperatures, too so I hope that you have been able to stay warm.

I know we are a little early for Springtime and Easter but I couldn't resist having some fun with this photo app.

Digital Watercolor Print - 8x10

Follow your heart
It knows the way

I also used a digital image of this daisy watercolor and added a message to create one of my digital instant watercolor prints. Once purchased, you can print as many as you want to display in your home and to give as gifts.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Every Painting Has an Ugly Stage!

Watercolor - 11x15

It is a common occurrence. It happens to all artists and most paintings go through it. The Ugly Middle Stage!

We always start out with high hopes for the painting and everything looks fresh and fun, especially with watercolor. Then the colors dry a little lighter, the edges are a little too free and we start to panic. 

It is tempting to give up during this stage but I always tell my students to push through the doubts. Shift to that right side of the brain. Sit down and define shapes, add color, strengthen the value pattern and work out the composition. 

Don't give up. You will be surprised how many Uglies turn in to Beautiful Paintings!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Art With Heart Newsletter & Art Sale!

My Art With Heart Newsletter was just released and is full of art, news and the latest from my studio! I invite you to view it here and if you are not already a subscriber you can sign up on my blog (upper right)

I am also having a 20% Off Art Sale on all of my Valentine's Day digital watercolor prints in my Etsy Shop and all Original Paintings of Roses

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cold Weather and Warm Hibiscus Flowers

Watercolor - 11x15

Like a lot of the country right now we are experiencing VERY cold temperatures and even some ice and snow so I decided to warm things up a bit by painting some warm, peach tropical hibiscus flowers. 

I first wet the 140 lb watercolor paper and placed white tissue paper on top and then started applying the colors for the petals, leaves and background in a very free and loose style. When everything was dry I glued the tissue paper down and then used negative painting to firm up the edges. This is a fun way to create a textured surface for the watercolor paint.

Stay warm! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018