Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Failed Paintings and SUNSHINE BOUQUET

Watercolor - 11x15

Failed paintings are ok! I am always telling my students that we often get to point in every painting where we feel like it is a total failure but we need to learn to push through and try to finish it. You will learn a lot by trying to identify what is not working in the painting and why it isn't working. 

Do you need more contrast, more detail, to rework shapes or add color? We can't fix something unless we can see what is wrong. You may still feel like it is a failed painting when you are done and that is ok. Learning is never a waste of time. And many times we surprise ourselves and realize that we have a finished piece that we like. And that is always a wonderful bonus!

Monday, February 19, 2018

IRIS EVENING & Cheap Joe's

Watercolor - 11x15

I always enjoy painting irises with their beautiful colors and frilly petals. I tried to keep the greens somewhat subdued and realistic by using Earthen Green, a color form American Journey watercolors sold by Cheap Joe's Art Supply. You can order them online and you get large tubes for the same price as the smaller Windsor Newton paints and they are just as good. You can visit their website here

Friday, February 16, 2018


Watercolor on rice paper - 8x10

Creativity has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Perfection & POPPY DELIGHT

Watercolor on gesso - 8x10

Strive for Progress, not Perfection!

It is so important to get over the idea of perfection in our paintings. Perfection can be very dull. Embrace the idea that you and your work are unique and that is a beautiful thing!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Painting Freely & BLUE SERENITY

Watercolor - 8x10

One of the main reasons that I love painting with watercolors is that they allow you to be free and spontaneous. Applying all of that beautiful color to wet paper and watching the paints move and mingle of their own free will is a glorious sight. It can also be very scary and intimidating.

I have found that it helps to choose your colors before you start painting and to use a limited palette to avoid creating mud. Start with large, abstract shapes of color on the wet paper and continue to refine them each application of paint. Using negative painting to define the shapes after everything has dried is a wonderful way to create order out of chaos.

Above all else - have fun!